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CSR Policy

Located in the Republic of Serbia in Futog, it has existed since 2011, and internationally represented, EnergoGlobal has become an influential company, especially in the electricity and generators market. Aware of its position, EnergoGlobal is now formalizing it’s line of conduct by stating its CSR policy.

More than ever, it is committed to meeting the demands of its market, while fulfilling its obligations in the five strategic directions it has defined, namely: customers, employees, products, companies and the state. It documents its approaches by progressively putting thematic action papers online.

EnergoGlobal is committed to a proactive approach to reducing greenhouse gasses, as illustrated by the BEGES report published in November 2012.

In accordance with its legal obligations, EnergoGlobal presents its result for 2021 in the calculation of the gender equality index, defined by the Law of September 5, 2018: 79/100. The company received 39/40 to reduce the pay gap in comparable position and age, 20/20 to increase and 15/15 to improve, 0/15 to increase the index of employees returning from maternity leave and 5/10 for the number of women among the 10 highest paid.

Visit our social networks LinkedIn and Facebook to follow our various programs including "the right place to work for women".

  • Take action to control risks and environmental impacts
  1. We use our resources responsibly
  2. Take action to reduce and recycle our waste
  3. Prevention of pollution risk
  • Compliance with our environmental permit and all applicable regulations
  • Managing our environmental performance through continuous improvement actions and good practices
  • Developing a sustainable purchasing policy
  • Audit the effectiveness of our actions.

EnergoGlobal translates these commitments by prioritizing its actions through 4 KEY ISSUES:

With the development of this approach, EnergoGlobal also meets the expectations implemented through the environmental principles of the global HSE policy.

CSR stock records

Bearing in mind the local area that has witnessed our growth and the people who have contributed to it, we, EnergoGlobal, implement and develop our activity in accordance with our CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility). Our company is continuously examining its current processes and thinking of ways to improve their efficiency in this framework.

Through this approach, we are daily committed to implementing improvement actions to meet the requirements we have set for ourselves in 5 strategic areas:

  1. Our employees
  2. Our business
  3. Our products
  4. Our local area
  5. Our customers

Sheet No.01: EnergoGlobal takes over electric vehicles

Sheet No.02: Reorganization of upstream and semi-finished logistics

Sheet No. V03: EnergoGlobal hybrid solutions

Sheet No. V04: Reduction of load testing time

Sheet No. V05: Optimization of printed communication media

Sheet No. V06: Recycling of office paper


As part of its CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility), EnergoGlobal is working to improve its efficiency and take care to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. Aware of his social responsibility, he has a proactive approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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