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Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

These terms of use regulate the manner of registration of members, rights and obligations of members, the manner of buying and selling items, as well as privacy rules, copyright and related rights, and other important issues relevant to the functioning and use of the Website (, which operates within the system of the company EnergoGlobal doo Futog, MB: 20650800, PIB: 106644707, with its registered office at the address Fruškogorska 57, Futog, Novi Sad (hereinafter: EnergoGlobal doo).

Access to the products of the Website will be provided seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Exceptionally, the website may be temporarily unavailable, due to routine technical maintenance, as well as other circumstances for which EnergoGlobal d.o.o. does not correspond, and in accordance with Article 6 of these Terms of Use.

The website contains a catalog and a list of products, as well as:
product name and description;
at least one product photograph;
other product information.

Any use of the Website in its entirety or any part thereof that is not in accordance with these Terms of Use will be considered an abuse of the services provided by EnergoGlobal d.o.o. and in violation of the Terms of Use.
The website is intended for the realization of online sales and other means of communication, as well as the promotion of electronic commerce.

2. User registration

By registering for access to the Website, one-time access to send inquiries, access through other electronic communication channels to make sales (phone purchases), as well as access for informational and educational purposes, the user declares that he is informed about the content of the Terms of Use. accepts its provisions, and is obliged to respect the valid regulations of the Republic of Serbia when using the Web shop for any purpose.

By registering for the use of the website for purchase, one-time access to the website for the sale, access through other electronic communication channels for the sale, as well as access for informational and educational purposes (where applicable), Users agree to these Terms of Use and thus conclude an Accession Agreement with the Service Provider.
The user is in the process of creating an account and during each subsequent entry of data is obliged to enter accurate and complete personal data, and in connection with this data, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the express consent of EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog to process and store them for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations in relation to the Products ordered through the Web shop or its statutory obligations, collection of receivables, development of its terms and prevention of potential abuse.
In accordance with the applicable regulations, EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog will take all available measures in order to protect the data on the User, as well as the data on the purchase. This information will be considered a business secret.
User data entered by the User using the Website will not be used for the purpose of delivery.

3. Limitation of liability of EnergoGlobal d.o.o.

Use of the website of EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog is the sole responsibility of the user.
EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog does not guarantee the continuity of use of the site nor is it in any way responsible for any temporary unavailability of any individual Service, or for partial or complete non-functioning or malfunctioning of the same, nor for the consequences that could occur from the use of this store.
EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog is not responsible for technical problems resulting from problems in the provision of electronic communications services, which may lead to delays and / or incorrect processing of electronic data, including the system clock, as this is the responsibility of electronic communications operators (internet service operators) in in accordance with the regulations governing the field of electronic communications.
EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog shall not be liable for damages or injuries that may result from hidden defects, errors, interruptions, deletions, malfunctions, delays in the operation or transmission of computer viruses, interruptions in communications, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to data, alteration or misuse of data by third parties. persons, termination of the contract, conduct contrary to the Terms of Use, negligence, etc.
EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog reserves the right to change, terminate (temporarily or permanently) any element of its platform, as well as the services it provides, and content or input, without prior or subsequent approval or notification, guided by good business practices, especially to preserve the integrity of the Platform, security data and regular servicing.

4. Processing and protection of personal data

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Terms of Use. By accepting the Terms of Use, the user agrees to be informed and to accept the rules regarding the protection of personal data prescribed by this Policy.

5. Protection of copyright and related rights and other intellectual property rights

EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog has the exclusive copyright on the Website, as well as on certain elements that make it up, such as text, visual and audio elements, visual identity, data and databases, program code and other elements of the service. Exploitation of the mentioned copyright items, without the express prior written consent of EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog, will be considered a copyright infringement, and EnergoGlobal d.o.o. In that case, Futog will be authorized to use all available legal means in order to exercise that right.
EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog has sole responsibility for the copyrighted content. Each party is solely responsible for the content that is its own work.

6. Transitional and final provisions

EnergoGlobal d.o.o. Futog has the right to change or amend these Terms of Use at any time by publishing the amendments in the consolidated text on the website, and will send a notification to registered users via e-mail address about changes to the Terms of Use, which will briefly indicate what the changes consist of. After that, by logging in to, each registered user will be notified of changes to the Terms of Use. If registered users do not declare that they do not agree with the changes (by sending a notification via e-mail address) and if they continue to use the Website, they will be considered to have read and agreed to the changes. If the user does not agree with the changes (sending a notification via e-mail address), within 5 days from the date of the first login to, EnergoGlobal d.o.o. will delete his user account, after which his membership will be terminated. The legislation of the Republic of Serbia applies to everything that is not regulated by these Terms of Use.

The current regulations of the Republic of Serbia shall apply to all disputes that may arise between EnergoGlobal d.o.o. and the member regarding the use of the Web shop. The parties undertake to try to resolve the dispute amicably, and if they fail to do so, the court in Novi Sad has jurisdiction. These Terms of Use enter into force on the day of publication on the website, and begin to apply eight days from the date of their publication on the website of EnergoGlobal d.o.o.

In Futog 16/11/2021.
Deputy Director: Aleksandra Lukić
Note: This document is computer generated and is valid without signature or stamp.

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