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About us

Miodrag Sakić, CEO of Energoglobal
"Reliable energy" - a slogan that our company truly lives by.

We have many years of experience in the production and service of backup power sources (diesel generator sets and UPS) and renewable energy plants (mini and micro-hydro power plants, biomass).

After graduating from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, and becoming a Master of Electrical Engineering, Miodrag Sakić is in his profession with all his heart. While working in different companies he perfected his craft until 2010 when he bravely decided to start his own company.

Energoglobal, now, more than 10 years later, with more than 30 employees, is one of the leaders in the regional market in the production of generator sets.

Highly dedicated teams, led by experienced engineers, work daily on the development and implementation of generator sets of the EG premium series and ECOBOX economic series, all according to the specific requirements of renowned domestic and global customers .

Our generator sets are designed to provide maximum performance for a variety of applications, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply. With engines from renowned manufacturers Perkins, FTP Iveco, Volvo Penta, Scania and others, our generator sets are characterized by low noise levels, low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions, in accordance with European Union standards. We rely on generators from reputable manufacturers that are recognizable in the world market.

Annually, we deliver over 500 generator sets of different powers, with the range from 3 to 3,500 kVA. We cooperate with large shopping malls and business facilities, and our rental generator sets are also support for large infrastructure projects and music events.

We are proud that our regular clients are NIS, Lidl, Leoni, Aptiv, Delta, as well as the largest number of domestic construction and electrical companies, and our hearts are full that our clients and facilities are of public importance - hospitals, COVID hospitals, health centers, schools, kindergartens, corridors and tunnels, EPS, EMS, data center of the Ministry of the Interior, customs, court, water factories, waterworks, heating plants-boilers, stadiums…

Thanks to the employees, who give their best and who contribute to the family atmosphere in the company, EnergoGlobal truly lives by its slogan "Reliable Energy",and is always there for everyone who trusts us.

We sell new generator sets, install complete systems for backup and uninterruptible power supply (Generator + UPS) as well as general repair and automation of used diesel generators. In addition to the sale of diesel generators, we also offer servicing, preventive and emergency maintenance services with remote mounting 7/24 h. The service has 14 members and 6 mobile service teams, is available 24 hours a day and available to all our customers, all with the desire to provide the necessary energy for their business to function smoothly.

We have a fleet of more than 30 generator sets of different powers (up to 3kVA to 1000kVA) which we rent with the possibility of installation, transportation and the constant presence of an expert.

Our generator sets are characterized by:

  • Compact design.
  • Automatic start at mains power outage
  • Voltage regulation below half a percent.
  • UV-resistant galvanized sheet metal housings.
  • Easy access for refueling from the outside.
  • Anti-vibration dampers to reduce vibration.
  • Certified hooks for lifting the generator set and space for forklift operation.
  • Easy to read controller.
  • Mechanical protection against mobile and hot parts.
  • External cable connections.
  • Mechanical and electronic fuel indicators.
  • Digital voltage regulators AVR.
  • Remote monitoring and monitoring GSM, GPRS, ETHERNET.
  • Work history,
  • Programmable PLC.
  • Extended warranty of 5 years

Energoglobal also offers you the following options: SUPER SILENT, Parallel operation of two generator sets, Parallel operation with the network, Peak shaving. Portable generator sets of all powers ...

When it comes to the sale of diesel generators, we strive to meet the needs of the market and provide maximum quality at competitive prices. In our offer you can find a large selection of stationary diesel generators powered by engines from renowned manufacturers FTP Iveco, Perkins, Volvo Penta and Doosan.

Our generator sets are characterized by low noise levels, low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in accordance with European Union standards. In addition to stationary diesel generators, we also have portable generators for sale powered by Lombardy diesel engines, then generators powered by Briggs & Stratton petrol engines and Energoglobal super quiet generators.

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